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We guarantee top quality products with top quality shipchandler service and marine spares.


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About us

With our knowledge and experience regarding technical matters, our team has what it takes to support your vessel in a professional and individual way.

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Our services

As shipchandler we create best delivery solution for you

Many years of work with european suppliers led us to deliver high quality products at competitive prices during short time delivery.



We can provide goods to the main european ports and shipyards like Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, even in one working day.

Custom made elements

Being well oriented among local workshops, allows us to expand our offer with custom made marine spares, which you can find helpful in the preparation process.

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Starting point for shipchandler

In 2015 Flex Trading started as shipchandler in Remontowa Shipyard and Port  in Gdansk. Later on We spread our operative ground to Nauta Shipyard and Port in Gdynia and Szczecin Shipyard.

After many years of hard work which paid of by gaining new clients, We expanded our team to reach new range of marine spares products to provide best quality service for ships in Polish Ports and Shipyards

Shipchandler service in ports

Numerous unusual requests led us to creating quick, and efficient system of technical deliveries for marine spares in the biggest ports and shipyards in Poland

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First shipyard and port in a history of our company, and the biggest in the country. Main point of our shipchandler work and marine spares delivery.


Second biggest port in Poland and another main point for our marine spares to deliver. Also providing solution to shipyards in Gdynia


Being shipchandler for whole country, we couldn’t forget about Szczecin, and it’s nearby shipyards like Swinoujscie and Police


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Szymon Smerża
Szymon Smerża
7. Maj, 2020.
Współpracuje z firmą Flex Trading od dłuższego czasu, jak narazie nigdy się nie zawiodłem. Polecam!