Ports and shipyards

Wherever you are, our support is in your reach.


Hometown  and main headquarters of Flex Trading. A place where we worked out our standards. Regarding delivery system and also approach towards customers. Enormous ground gives us incredible opportunities in developing client base. Industrial background of this region provide many nessesary item neede for every duty during dry dock.  

Main ports and shipyards that we serve as shipchandlers:

  • Remontowa Shipyard
  • Port of Gdansk
  • Alkor Shipyard
  • Remontowa Shipyard
  • Port of Gdansk
  • Alkor Shipyard


We will also work on the other side of city – agglomeration. Including other ports and shipyards around like Gdynia.

Diligent way off measuring ships equipment are made individually for each single request. Has helped us to become a permanent technical supplier and shipchandler. Our main focus is directed to provide spare parts and technical help for: 

  • Nauta Shipyard
  • Naval Shipyard
  • Port of Gdynia
Shipchandler Gdynia
Shipchandler Szczecin


As an answer to many requests, we opened a branch in Szczecin. Working on a new ground we implement familiar methods of professional customer service as shipchandlers. Providing solution for delivering our marine spare parts to Szczecing and providing shipchandlers services for German ports as well.

Gryfia Shipyard
Port of Szczecin
Port of Police
Port of Swinoujscie


Distance is irrelevant, through flawless coordination logistics operations. We deal with time pressure fulfilling our tasks  around all ports and shipyards in Europe. There is no to big challenge for us. That why our service are now provided around Europe with our delivery chain also we’ve got option for delivering solituiion worldwide. Just write to us, we will manage something esspecialty for you.   

  • Port Rotterdam/Europort Rotterdam
  • Port of Hamburg Travemunde
  • Antwerpen Port