With your needs in mind

What we do

Our main goal is to provide our clients with technical support at crucial moments during the repairing process of a vessel. Following years and years of experience, we know there is no such thing as routine in the marine industry, so every matter comes with an individual approach.

Having a qualified team which carefully focuses on fluently exchanging information that may turn out essential to finalise order. It opened possibilities not only to reach new clients, but also to new range of products.

Shipchandler Szczecin
Ship chandler Three ships

What can we do

Considering various origin of vessels we are working on, we tend to stumble upon unusual parts, which might be unavailable in such short notice . That is a perfect opportunity to use one of our specialised workshops. Based on a sample provided directly from the ship we are able to make spare parts, fully functionable in everyday usage in a really short time.

Supply chain

Following developed complex supply chain we are able to adjust our offer to the expectations of our client. Maintaining limitless, we keep our base of suppliers open to not only local sources, but also international ones. In case of any obstacles, we search for new partners to keep our supplies fluent.

Logistics chain

Knowledge of the local transport market allows us to coordinate delivery in a short time. Being well oriented in the marine industry, we focus on optimised finalisation of order. Working with professionalists in transport makes what seems impossible, doable.

Ship chandler White ship
Ship chandler Vessel in a shipyard


Every task begins with knowing the needs of our client. Starting with individual measuring, involves careful discovering the size of a particular element. Quick estimation of the current situation, which is strictly related to time frame is a key to long term partnership. We offer shortest delivery time, even including unusual, rare parts at competitive prices.